About Us

Tilly Devine is a wine venture between 3 local south Australian families who are self-confessed passionate wine lovers.

The label was launched shortly prior to the ’08 vintage and cheekily takes it’s name from the Australian colloquial slang expression for wine – Tilly Devine!

Tilly Devine was a colourful character in Sydney during the 20’s and 30’s who prospered in the underworld activities of sly grog trafficking, prostitution, drugs and razor gang attacks on her competition and it was through her involvement in these activities that the slang expression " Tilly Devine" for wine was derived.

A small vineyard of 45 acres in McLaren Vale , planted primarily with shiraz grapes is the home of this new label.

Award winning local winemaker Matthew Rechner ( ex-Tatachilla) makes the wine for Tilly Devine.

The philosophy at Tilly Devine is to source exceptional quality grapes and produce small batches of wine full of character that best reflect the terroir from which they originate.

We want to produce long-lived wines of highly individual style that we enjoy drinking. Let’s drink to that!