Tilly Devine (not the Wine)

This is the John Dory of one Charlie Wheeler named Tilly Devine. After landing in steak and kidney with her Joe Soap of a husband, Jim, after the First World War, she quickly enmeshed herself with the local tea leaves and crooks. Within seven years Tilly had many run-ins with the local ducks and geese, amassing over 70 convictions and a two-year stint in the slammer for slicing some poor Billy Hunt with a razor. Most famous for running razor gangs and polly waffles, it was Tilly’s involvement with the sly-grog trade that saw her name adopted as rhyming slang for wine. Today, you can still find Tilly Devine behind the best bars.

Again, without the slang...

Of the thousands of English war brides to settle in Sydney after the First World War, none gained the notoriety of one Matilda "Tilly" Devine. Her husband Jim served in France briefly, but could be best described as a worthless soldier. Once both returned to Sydney, they quickly enmeshed themselves with the criminal underworld. Within seven years of arriving, Tilly had amassed over 70 convictions and spent two years in jail for a violent razor attack on a man. Infamous for running razor gangs and brothels, it was Tilly’s involvement in selling sly-grog that saw her name adopted as slang for wine. Today, Tilly Devine can still be found behind the best bars.